Now accepting applications for Residential Membership in the Haven Village. We invite you to tell us a bit more about you if this opportunity is in alignment with your future vision for a new model where we return to the land to build our own parallel economy, grow our own food and live in healthy hemp homes.



Haven Earth is a Private Membership Association (PMA), pioneering a model of living in relationship with the land that is aligned with Nature’s principles in collaboration with a community of like minded people who value sovereignty and are committed to be a positive change in the world. The Haven Earth Trade School supports others looking to Return to the Land by teaching how to build Healthy Hemp Homes, Homesteading and Regenerative Agriculture to empower people with the tools and skills to become more resilient and prepared for the years ahead. Together we are building The Haven Village.


The Haven Village empowers and inspires a renewed model of community life that is grounded in a healthy, syntropic, connection with the land and each other. We secure a positive future timeline through cultivating abundant agro-centric lifestyles that are creative, resilient, and honor the natural world. Together we are building a parallel, local, society that will not only assist us during these times of transition but serve as a beacon of hope for generations to come. We align ourselves with like-minded, hard-working, individuals to secure a safe haven for one another and our families. We strive to be self-sufficient, self-resilient, food sovereign and debt-free. We seek healthy dwellings aligned with beauty and nature’s principles for ourselves and our families. We value mature communication that enables us to resolve our differences peacefully to ensure successful navigation through challenging times. We devote ourselves to a culture of care and are inspired to create an abundant world for ourselves, our children and the larger community.

Meet the dynamic duo behind Haven Earth PMA - Imani Mamalution and Paul River Richardson. In 2020, these visionary leaders joined forces to launch a groundbreaking initiative to inspire a revolution in how we dwell with their dynamic educational model that shifts toxic, entropic construction development process into a vibrant tool for creative expression while simultaneously growing the workforce of the future. As true pioneers in the Industrial Hemp space, Imani and River are passionate advocates for Healthy Hemp Homes, and their expertise is highly sought after. River's extensive career in the design and construction industry combined with his international Architecture experience allows him to create innovative regenerative building solutions, that are both beautiful and pragmatic and grounded in nature's principles. Meanwhile, Imani, a mother, educator, and author, offers insights and knowledge gained from homeschooling her 5 home-birthed daughters in her organic cafe for over a decade. Her experience has helped shape the Haven Earth Trade School which offers online and hands-on training for those interested in natural building, regenerative agriculture, and homesteading.

For the past two years, River and Imani have been collaborating with various land stewards and community leaders to secure the perfect property for The Haven Earth Trade School and the residential The Haven Village model. It has been a challenging and winding road, but they knew the importance of finding the right location to ensure:

  • Land Development in Alignment with Nature's Principles
  • Beautiful Architecture featuring Healthy Bio-based building materials
  • Regenerative, natural food production to ensure Food Security
  • Educational Model focused on trades and building a local work force
  • Growing Local Economy and establish local partnerships
  • Remote Location accessible to services and materials with minimal zoning and regulatory requirements
  • Common Law Land Ownership Model - PMA and Land Trust

If you have been following their journey, you already know how tirelessly they have worked to find and acquire the perfect land that meets all the criteria for implementing this vision to provide an opportunity for other freedom lovers to participate in.


We have all witnessed the destructive practices of developers buying up tracts of farmland and maximizing the number of salable building lots, packed side by side with no consideration of the human scale, the human spirit, let alone the spirit of the land. 

For us, conscious land development and design is key to a successful and vibrant way of life. 

Our approach is intuitive and grounded in both the practical and pragmatic that organically inspires human connection rather than forces it. We use Vastu Sastra and Permaculture Design to align with the land's energy and optimize building placement, water, and sunlight to harmonize the natural flows of water. 

Our masterplan designs and strategies anchor in our intentions to create a legacy village for both our residents and visitors to appreciate far into a shared future.


Natural buildings and beauty'full' architecture are critical elements of a successful and vibrant way of life. We strive to create structures that are aesthetic and non-toxic for the inhabitants - thus our focus on building with Hemp. Hempcrete is a building material made from industrial hemp fibers mixed with lime and natural binders that can be molded into various forms, bricks, or panels. Hemp is durable, regenerative, and provides an efficient insulation system that regulates indoor environments. These "breathing systems" create comfortable, healthy living and work spaces that are free from toxic elements found in traditional construction materials. Hemp Homes are pest, rot, fire, and mold resistant.

Building a Healthy Hemp Home is becoming a reality in the US as more growers and processors come online and make hemp building materials more readily available to consumers. This demand parallels the search for non-toxic building materials to address the increasing number of people suffering from mold sensitivity and Sick Building Syndrome. 

It is estimated that 70% of houses in America have mold issues, 28% of the population carry genes that put them at risk of mold-related health issues, and most people don't even realize their homes are making them sick. 

Hempcrete is hygroscopic, allowing water vapor to pass, creating a healthy airflow that reduces the build-up of potentially toxic gasses indoors and prevents mold development as well. 

Hemp means Beautiful, Healthy, and Ecological Designs that inspire how we dwell on the planet and work towards localized agrarian models that support a cohesive move back to the land.


We believe in taking control of our food sources by establishing a localized agrarian model that supports a move back to the land. The Haven Village in Tennessee is perfectly positioned as an existing operational farm with fenced pastures and irrigation systems and a proven model using the Joel Salatin methods of animal husbandry. The forests are abundant with wild medicinals, berries, mushrooms and animals. The barn, commercial kitchen, hoop houses, seed bank, food storage walk-in cooler with solar backup are in place to ensure food production and preservation. We believe that healthy, nutrient-dense food is a basic human right and it is up to us to take back our food supply and re-establish a deep connection to the land. Our "Agrihood" model not only provides a source of fresh, healthy food for our residential members, but also teaches the necessary skills to ensure food sovereignty for generations to come.

Establishing local partnerships, consulting with our Tennessee Land Stewards, and hiring experienced gardeners, and permaculturists, plus an influx of visiting faculty is a key part of our formula to reduce our learning curve and accelerate our timeline.

In addition, skilled caretakers will be hired to oversee farm/ranch operations and all members will contribute to the collective food production. Not only are we cultivating our own food and medicine, we are generating our own economy.


We believe that 'creative expression and purposeful meaningful work' are essential for a healthy vibrant life, and the cornerstone of a sovereign future. That is why The Haven Earth Trade School is at the heart of our community. Our model allows us to teach the skills required to return to the land while building out our infrastrucutre as well as healthy hemp homes for our residents. 

Creative activities where we learn together and push past our own limitations build trust and strengthen our connections. Hands-on training, master classes and apprenticeships provide pathways back to the land that empower people with real skills and craftsmanship. An ongoing flow of students and faculty bring fresh energy and innovation to our community while training a skilled workforce to make the dream a reality.

Communities that prioritize self-reliance, local enterprise and resources are becoming increasingly valuable. The Haven Village is a shining example of this. Shared community spaces allow our members to explore their own passions and entrepreneurial spirits. Some of these include:

Trade School & Tool Workshop - A space to master skills and trades, with machines and tools to work on relevant projects and storage for bulk materials

Classroom Spaces - Areas to teach classes, hold meetings and educate children

Barn & Commercial Kitchen - A place to learn the art of food production & preservation, animal husbandry and all manner of farming practices and techniques.


We are developing a model for village life that is abundant for all who participate. By providing spaces, structures, and experiences that encourage people to bring forth their skills and talents, we stimulate circular economies that keep giving and expanding. Our model magnetizes artisans, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs to share their expertise and talents so residents and visitors can feel real purpose that enriches and bring value to the community. Shared cooperative spaces allow members to hone their skills, practice their art forms and healing arts, offer classes for children, or start a business, to name a few.


Available for Master Builders, Artists in residence, Students, Visitors & Member Guests, the glamping is operated by our on site Management Team and generates an ongoing income for the community. This is one of the first projects to be implemented on the land to establish the workforce to build out the infrastructure and architecture.


An innovation incubator for Mastering the Trades and Crafts serves as the backbone for the creative development of the community: Our focus on natural building with Hemp, yet replete with woodworking, welding, stone masonry, pottery, textiles, to name just a few, and space and gallery for each member to find and refine their own skills, and share their artistic expressions with the wider community.


A dedicated building to all things media and technology, perfect for remote working, fully equipped with shared facilities and fostering an entrepreneurial and creative spirit. Dedicated space for the younglings in the community to safely interact and learn through technology with a focus on decentralized and secure tech. Designed to minimize exposure to harmful and disruptive signals and EMF's.


Food production is central to The Haven Village with opportunities for members to not only participate, but share our abundance with the surrounding community featuring local artisan products including fresh eggs, goat cheese, raw milk, honey as well as a pick your own berries and flowers to name a few. Our cafe is a place to gather and share food, conversation, and ideas, music nights, and much more.


A shared communal multi-functional space for gatherings, events workshops, and other activities essential to building a healthy, vibrant community. Employing the sacred art of Vedic Architecture, this beautiful structure will anchor in the heartbeat of the community and offer a sense of balance and inspiration. This sacred space will be rentable for gatherings and events outside the community and be a signature project that will create its own economy and reputation as a stand-alone work of art.


A harmonious and balanced space for people to offer holistic healing modalities and treatments as well as community facilities including sauna, hot and cold therapies, and all that is essential to maintaining optimal health and wellness with a focus on prevention rather than treatment. Our apothecary is the 'farmacy' of the future and has a storefront for members and local healers and alchemists to share their gifts and healing arts.


Our 216 acres of beautiful nature is tucked away from immediate view, nestled between several ridges and at the end of a dead-end road offering a feeling of privacy and autonomy

Located within the foothills of pristine national forest at an elevation of 1000+ feet it is located in South Eastern Tennessee, on the State line with Georgia. 

It is truly a place of peace and tranquility where we can reset our nervous systems and reconnect with nature and ourselves.

Old Fort, Tennessee is a hidden gem, located in Polk County, it is surrounded by the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains offering breathtaking views and access to a variety of outdoor activities from hiking and camping to fishing and white water rafting. 

The property borders the Cherokee National Forest, the largest tract of public land in Tennessee stretching from Chattanooga to Bristol along the North Carolina border. 

The 640,000-acre forest lies in the heart of the Southern Appalachian mountain range and is remarkably diverse. 

It is home to more than 20,000 species of plants and animals and contains 150 miles of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and the notable scenic Ocoee and Conasauga Rivers nearby. 


The small town is not far from modern conveniences like grocery and hardware stores, hospitals and airports. Cleveland (only 25 minutes away) is a large up-and-coming town that is replete with conveniences.
The nearby Chattanooga is a diverse city offering live music, fine dining, local shopping, and much more, all within an hours drive.
Old Fort, Tennessee offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and access to modern amenities with endless adventures just outside your doorstep.


Our Tennessee Haven is debt-free and secured in a private Irrevocable Natural Common Law Trust. Our longer-term goal is to establish the original land patent on the property as the most robust and sound means of protecting the property in the future. Each Beneficiary receives a Certificate Unit of Beneficial Interest for their share in the Trust and is required to serve on one Committee. These committees oversee day-to-day decision-making and activities.

On-site operations are managed by Haven Earth PMA - a Private Ministry Association that unites individuals who share a common interest in syntropic living, natural building, and regenerative agriculture. By voluntarily forming a private association, members can pursue and protect their interests together while enjoying the benefits and services that might not be readily available to them as individuals.

The primary advantage of joining a Private Membership Association (PMA) is that it offers more privacy and autonomy as it operates outside the regulatory oversight of government agencies. PMA's must comply with certain legal requirements to maintain their status as a private organization. At Haven Earth PMA, we take our legal obligations seriously and work diligently to ensure that our members can enjoy the benefits of the Haven Village without any legal issues.


We are looking for people who:

  • Financial resources to secure a build lot
  • Time and energy to participate
  • Willingness to learn and desire to co-create
  • Natural skills and knowledge transfer
  • Creative entrepreneurial motivation

Other ways to get involved:

  • Attend an Open House 
  • Sign-up for a Weekend Immersion
  • Enroll in our Natural Builder Training

    Our community is built on the values of honesty, trust, cooperation, interconnectedness, commitment, participation, support, respect, equality and fairness, stewardship, safety, balance, responsibility, education, and flexibility. We have established a set of milestones that take you through the exploration necessary to make important decisions about the possibility of you becoming a Residential Member of the Haven Village. Our application process includes a detailed questionnaire, checklist, and discovery call with our welcome committee. These steps serve as a guide to make sure that becoming a Residential Member is a good match for everyone. We want to get to know you and understand your unique goals, skills, and passions.

    You wanted a Haven on Earth - and together we are building that collective legacy!

    Serious Inquiries Only