Friends of Haven Village Guest Guidelines

Welcome to Haven Village! We are delighted to have you here! As a Private Membership Association, all Vistors and overnight Guests are required to pay a $22 for a monthly member pass, and agree to our Guest Guidelines and sign a Liability Waiver upon arrival. Membership is required to participate in activities, events, business and educational programs at Haven Village. Additional event or workshop fees may be applied. To ensure a pleasant and safe visit for all, we kindly adhere to the following guidelines.

Respect Each Other: Treat fellow visitors, staff and residents with respect and courtesy.

Respect the Environment: Maintain the beauty of Haven Village by not littering. Dispose of trash in designated bins, and be mindful of the natural surroundings.

Fragrance-Free: We have many chemically sensitive members and ask that no chemical and fragrant-based perfumes, deodorants or detergents are used.

Pets: No Animals are allowed on the Property without Approval.

Noise Level: Please keep noise levels to a minimum to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

No Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in Haven Village public spaces.

Photography:  Commercial photography or filming requires prior permission. We encourage you to take photos for personal use and tag us on IG @havenearthtradeschool